4 Healthy Alternatives To Halloween Treats

Group of best friends at the Halloween party

Trick or treating is something kids look forward to each year. However, the high-calorie goodies and sugar-filled candies are unhealthy and contributing to the nation’s alarming childhood obesity rate. By finding alternatives to Halloween’s unhealthy treats, you may help persuade others to cut back on candy and sugary treats as well. Below are some great alternatives to hand out this Halloween.

  • Mini Popcorn Bags

Whether you make it at home or buy it at the store, popcorn is a great treat to hand out to trick or treaters. Most popcorn is low in calories, just be sure to steer clear of caramel popcorn or anything covered in cheese or butter.

  • Fruit Snacks

You can still satisfy the sweet tooth of trick or treaters while keeping the treat somewhat healthy. Organic fruit snacks are a great alternative to candy and, if you choose the right brand, you can find fruit snacks that are made with real fruit extracts and without artificial dyes.

  • Small Toys

If you want to stay away from food in general, consider handing out small, age-appropriate toys like spider rings, temporary tattoos, small coloring books and glow sticks. Kids will love having something to play with after the sugar rush has worn off!

  • Juice Boxes

Because kids are out trick or treating for hours at a time, it’s nice to hand out juice boxes for when they get thirsty. Parents will especially appreciate this gesture as it will help them avoid a trip back home to grab drinks!

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