Strep Versus Sore Throat

thyroid function examinationWe’ve all been there. You wake up with that burning sensation every time you swallow and all you want to do is eat something cold to soothe the pain. Most often, a sore throat from a cold will go away on its own within a day or two, but if you’re dealing with strep throat, you may be in for a much more miserable illness. So how do you know if what you have is a sore throat or strep throat? Comparing the symptoms of each is a good start.

  • Symptoms of Sore Throat

Sore throats, which are caused by either a virus or bacteria, are often accompanied by other cold symptoms. If your sore throat is caused by a cold, you will likely also experience a runny nose, cough, mild headache and body aches, fever and consistent sneezing.

  • Symptoms of Strep Throat

Strep throat is always caused by an infection of bacteria and has very distinct symptoms that can be easily diagnosed. If you’re suffering from strep throat, you will likely have a severe sore throat, loss of appetite, pain when swallowing, red tonsils with white spots and a fever.

  • Treating Sore Throat And Strep Throat

Because there is no cure for the common cold, there is no way to cure a sore throat caused by one either. Your best bet is to drink warm liquids, gargle warm salt water or take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

If you think you have strep throat, you should be tested immediately so treatment can begin. Once you’ve been diagnosed with strep throat, you will be given antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Antibiotics can be given as either a pill or a shot. Penicillin and amoxicillin are two antibiotics commonly used to treat strep throat.

If you are experiencing symptoms of strep throat, consider visiting Denton Regional Urgent Care. We offer convenient access to the expert care you need right when you need it, even after hours or on the weekend. 

Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you.


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