Winter Workout Motivation

iStock-502808850.jpgShorter days and colder temperatures make working out much less appealing, especially if you typically perform your workouts outdoors. But most people tend to eat more during winter, especially during the holidays, so it’s smart to keep up the hard work through winter. If you’re lacking motivation to work out during the winter months, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself going.

Keep Consistent

Put your workouts on the calendar so you set a pattern. This will help you think of your workouts as an appointment, which isn’t optional. For added encouragement, try finding a workout buddy or group class so you’re held accountable for your workouts.

Wear the Right Clothes

This is especially important if you’re planning to work out outdoors. Be comfortable and safe by investing in high-quality clothes and accessories. Good mittens, ear warmers and a packable vest are good to have as well. Bonus points for clothes that are both warm and cute!

Set Goals for Spring

Keep yourself moving during winter by signing up for a race at the beginning of spring, making it an absolute necessity to work out even when it’s cold out. If you’re not a runner, come up with a number of pushups or miles to walk each week and work to complete that by spring.

Become a Morning Person

Because it gets dark so early during the winter, working out first thing in the morning is one way to ensure your workouts get done. This prevents you from making excuses at the end of the day.

If you’re planning to begin an exercise routine, you should consult a doctor to make sure you’re in good health. Consider visiting Denton Regional Urgent Care for a general health assessment. We offer convenient access to the expert care you need right when you need it, even after hours or on the weekend.

 Disclaimer: Patients’ health can vary. Always consult with a medical professional before taking medication, making health-related decisions or deciding if medical advice is right for you.


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