Safety Tips for the Fourth of July


The fourth of July is a favorite holiday for many families. Between grilling out and hanging out with friends watching fireworks, there’s really nothing that beats this summer holiday. Unfortunately, because of the fireworks, grilling and sun exposure, there are a number of people that experience injuries during the fourth of July.  Follow these simple safety tips to be sure your holiday is filled with fun.

For Fireworks

Both kids and adults look forward to the fireworks show, but there is a hazardous side to them as well. The safest bet when watching fireworks is to find a public show that is put on by professionals. Even so, you should still stay 500 feet or more away from the show. If you are planning to set off fireworks yourself, keep a supply of water nearby, only light one firework at a time and never throw or point the firework toward any humans or animals.

For Grilling

The fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without backyard barbeque. If you or someone else is grilling out for the holiday, make sure the grill is always supervised. All humans and animals should steer clear of the grill as well. All utensils should be long-handled to avoid getting burned. Finally, you should never add charcoal starter fluid to the grill once the coals have already been ignited.

For Sun Exposure

Because kids (and adults) like to spend time outdoors during this holiday, it’s imperative that proper sun safety is practiced. Direct sun exposure should be avoided between 10am and 4pm, sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher should be worn and water should be consumed regularly to avoid overheating.

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